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German Government Starts Seizing Citizens’ Homes for Migrants

Most are aware that Germany has been authorizing the mass influx of millions of migrants from mostly Muslim nations in an effort to shore up flagging population numbers and a trend toward the eventual extinction of the German people. Namely because of Chancellor Angela Merkel, the European nation has been the proud recipient of these migrants that have been clogging up the inner cities and some specified rural areas in a search for permanent and semi-permanent housing.

Hamburg has come up with an answer. the local law enforcement is now going to confiscate any and all apartment buildings that are left vacant by the owner for four or more months and renovating them (at a cost to the owner!) and subsequently rented them to migrants (even if they are against the wishes of the owner)

The government of Hamburg has come up with this scheme and has already acted on it, taking over six properties. The idea was one of the many that resonated with Hamburg government officials. The city of Berlin also made promises to its citizens that they would be amending the law that allowed local police to enter private residence in order to see if the property was adequate to house migrants.

The law extension proposed was largely ignored by the media there until an investigative reporter picked up the story and exposed it. Once exposed, there was no going back. Berlin ended up backing down on the controversial proposal after a backlash from its citizenry.

Hamburg, on the other hand, did not back down. In fact, they have doubled down and intend on building and confiscating even more properties to accommodate their growing number of migrants.

The measure was applauded by those on the left of the political spectrum. “We are doing everything we can to ensure that the refugees are not homeless during the coming winter,” said Senator Till Steffen of the Green Party. “For this reason, we need to use vacant commercial properties.”

Others have argued that efforts by the state to seize private property are autocratic and reek of Communism. “The proposed confiscation of private land and buildings is a massive attack on the property rights of the citizens of Hamburg,” said Andrà Trepoll of the center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU). “It amounts to an expropriation by the state.” He said the proposed measure is a “law of intimidation” that amounts to a “political dam-break with far-reaching implications.” He added: “The ends do not justify any and all means.”

Katja Suding, the leader of the Free Democrats (FDP) in Hamburg, said that the proposed law is an “unacceptable crossing of red lines… Such coercive measures will only fuel resentment against refugees.”

No one knows how far this will all go, but it’s a safe bet that leftists will continue to push the Communist-styled revisions of the existing law in order to welcome their new “guest migrants” to the neighborhood.

Via Gatestone Institute