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Cops say Teacher Told 11-Year-Old Girl to Kill Herself, But That’s Not Even the Worst of It

Bullying amongst children is a popular topic of discussion these days, but have you ever heard of a teacher bullying a student?

One 11-year-old girl has been the victim of cruel acts committed by two teachers, which has infuriated her mother who stepped in to defend her daughter.

It’s not uncommon for a parent to complain about another child bullying their child, however’ one mom had to call the police when her daughter was on the receiving end of some pretty harsh treatment on school grounds, and it was all caused by the young girl’s teacher. According to the girl’s mother, one of the teachers at the Washington Elementary School in Washington, Louisiana, threatened to fail at least three other students if they didn’t gang up and fight the girl. The teacher, 44-year-old, Ann Marie Shelvin, also told the girl to kill herself. Very shocking words coming from a woman who is supposed to be a role model and an educator to children.

When the girl’s mother heard this, back in February, she took the matter to St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office and they told her to file a complaint with the school board. She filed the complaint, however; she found herself back in the Sheriff’s office in April with another complaint. One of her daughter’s classmates had admitted to fighting the girl after Shelvin told her that she would not help her with her schoolwork if she didn’t go after the girl.

When the Sheriff’s Department heard how the student was held under duress by the teacher, they went to the school and escorted Shelvin off the premises. And just when the mother thought her daughter was safe, the 50-year-old teaching aid who took over Shelvin’s classroom, began targeting the girl on a mission to get back at her for reporting Shelvin. It seems that the aid, Tracy Gallow, was in on the bullying as well.

After reviewing the school’s security footage, authorities saw Gallow pushing the young girl as she was trying to exit the gymnasium. And her response to the push caught on camera was that she was pushing the girl because she was too upset to start her testing. Doesn’t make much sense.

None of this makes much sense though, especially that these two teachers would target and gang up on a little girl. Clearly, these teachers aren’t fit to be educators.

Superintendent Patrick Jenkins confirmed that the St. Landry Parish School District is investigating the case and he issued the following statement:

“We want to assure the school community that we take reports of this nature very seriously and will do everything in our power to protect the health, safety, and welfare of all students.”

The two teachers are now facing multiple charges.