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Cops Are Forced to Retreat After Getting Mocked, Jeered by Uncooperative Punks

An encounter in Florida between a Palm Beach County deputy sheriff and a group of young black men shows how brazen some have become when dealing with police.

The interaction is recorded by one of the young men as his cohorts taunt and ridicule the officer and his partner, frequently reminding them of what they can and cannot do while citing their own “rights,” quick to cry discrimination.

The deputy said that he was looking into claims of trespassing and he asked one of the men for identification. He claimed to live at the residence they were in front of, but the man said he did not have ID on him.

At this point, the man tried to either walk past the officer or circle behind him, which prompted the deputy to shove the man back to his front. At the same time, another man walks up to the officer aggressively.

The deputy attempts to detain the second man, who jerks his arm free while others screamed at him.

Crying harassment, another man started asking the second deputy for his badge number.

The deputy’s attitude didn’t help matters, but the cops retreated and that’s when the insults came flying.

“Get out of here, pussy!” one yelled, while another dared the deputy to take his badge off — a clear threat to the officer’s safety.

What is clear is that police are at a disadvantage where the impetus is on “building relationships with the community.” A notion that leaves those on the front lines in the fight against crime with little to no authority when dealing with suspects.