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Citizen Confronts Nancy Pelosi About ‘Sudden and Selective’ Comey Outrage

Monday evening, Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi found herself getting questioned about suddenly being upset over FBI director James Comey’s firing.

During the 2016 presidential elections, Democrats became furious with Comey, urging him to resign due to his investigation into the Hillary Clinton email controversy.

Mediaite reports that Jake Lee, a small business owner from West Hollywood, California, asked Pelosi during a CNN live town hall:

“Good evening, madam leader. Before the election on November 8, your side of the aisle were asking for the former head of the FBI to resign. Now that he has been let go, why the sudden and selective outrage from your side of the aisle?”

Pelosi responded:

“I said I thought that it wasn’t a good — well suit — he wasn’t well suited to the heat that comes with the job, but I never said that he should be fired.”

In regards to the investigation on Trump and Russia, Pelosi said:

“And for the president of the United States to fire with his own self-admission that he didn’t like — he was tired of the Russia-Trump probe, is, uh, is, uh, uh, distressing. It’s distressing. We believe in the FBI as being an independent law enforcement agency, to be respected, and not to be fired by the president because he’s tired of an investigation they’re doing.”

Next, Pelosi called Trump’s letter about Comey’s firing “weird” and “inappropriate,” referencing Trump’s comment about how Comey allegedly told him multiple times the investigation wasn’t personal.

Pelosi went on to say that it was ridiculous for people to state Trump should be impeached:

“You’re talking about impeachment,” she said, “you’re talking about ‘what are the facts?’ Not, ‘I don’t like him,’ and ‘I don’t like his hair,’ what are the facts? ‘I don’t like what he said about this’ – what are the facts that you would make a case on? What are the rules that he may have violated?

If you don’t have that case, you’re just participating in more hearsay. And that’s not the basis of a — and we owe the American people just some stability in all of this.”