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Texas Professor Tells Black students to Practice a More Radical Self-Defense

Texas A&M Associate Professor Tommy Curry has a specialty in Critical Race Theory.

Take a look at his rhetoric.

In this interview with a blogcast called Context Of White Supremacy (slogan: “White People Are The Problem”), Curry argues that whites cannot be ignorant of racism (their own or anyone else’s) and that black people who assume that whites are educable on racism are fools. He puts down different black theorists, including Martin Luther King, for actually thinking that white people can be regarded as reasonable. It’s a remarkable thing: a philosophy professor who denies that a people are capable of rational thought because of their race.”

There’s also Professor Corry’s pro-con list for a popular Quentin Tarantino film, as shown in the video below.

“Almost every white person in that movie died a very violent, and very well deserved death.”

“The problem is that the idea of black people going and killing off white people or using radical self-defense is viewed as just entertainment.”