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ISIS Members Lose $75 Million in Painkillers After Police Make Huge Drug Bust

As reported by Heat Street, Italian police seized over 37 million painkillers that were headed to Islamic terrorists.

The drugs obtained have been noted to be Tramadol, a drug similar to morphine, and the confiscation was worth $75 million.

Heat Street notes that the pills were picked up in Italy, having just come from India to Sri Lanka to Genoa, and were on their way to Misrata and Tobruk in Libya.

The pills were found in boxes that were labeled shampoo and blankets.

An Italian detective explained how ISIS uses the painkillers in battle:

“Isis is making a fortune from this traffic, giving it to its fighters to make them feel no pain.”

Like many painkillers, when a person who regularly uses them suddenly stops, they will experience painful withdrawal symptoms, says the American Addiction Center.

This sudden confiscation could cripple many ISIS fighters as they could suddenly experience painful withdrawal symptoms without a consistent source of medication.