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After Comey’s Firing, Tillerson Makes it Clear he Does Not Take Trump or His ‘Confidence’ in Him Lightly

The reaction to former FBI Director James Comey’s recent firing was explosive.

While rumors have swirled about why President Donald Trump chose to fire Comey exactly when he did, the president’s official termination letter suggested that it was to restore “confidence” in the FBI’s “vital law enforcement mission.”

The topic came up for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson during NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, who told host Chuck Todd that he does not take the president’s “confidence” in him for granted.

When Todd asked Tillerson whether Comey’s firing had him concerned about “how much independence the president will give you,” Tillerson replied with the following:

“Not at all, Chuck. […] I am devoted to helping the president achieve his objectives, helping him be successful. And I understand I have to earn his confidence every day with how I go about those affairs and how I go about conducting the State Department’s activities consistent with the direction he wants to take the country.”

Tillerson assured Todd that he has “a great relationship with the president,” suggesting that it’s specifically because he does “understand what his objectives are.”

When asked if there’s a “line” he won’t cross when it comes to his service to Trump, Tillerson gave a simple reply:

“I will never compromise my own values, Chuck … and my values are those of the country.”

Those comments tie in closely with a recent New York Times opinion piece from Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), who accused Tillerson “of adopting a foreign policy that abandons both U.S. values and victims of oppression around the world”:

Those were accusations that Tillerson addressed directly on Sunday, telling “Meet the Press”:

“If anyone has earned the right to express their views, Sen. McCain has. And I have great respect for the senator. […]

But I make a distinction between values and policy. A policy has to be tailored to the individual situation, to the country, to its circumstances, to the broader issues that we are addressing…

And so policies have to be adaptable. They have to change. They have to adjust to conditions. But our values can never change.”