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THAAD System Performs Perfectly in Drill – Our Enemies Should Be Afraid

With tensions in the Korean Peninsula escalating, the United States has decided to raise the deployment date of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD, system in South Korea.

The THAAD system is an advance missile defense system that can be used to prevent North Korean missiles from hitting their targets in South Korea, or possibly the United States, Business Insider reported.

In addition to flustering the North Koreans, this new system has irritated the Chinese to no end.

The Washington Post noted that the advanced radar systems on the THAAD system could be used to track Chinese missile systems, giving the United States an advantage over China in the event of a military conflict.

The THAAD system likely could not be used against Chinese ballistic missiles aimed at the United States because it’s only designed to target missiles in their “terminal phase,” or in more common terms, when they are coming back down to Earth.

The South China Morning Post reported that on Tuesday, China announced it had tested “new types of missiles” — a move that is widely seen as the Chinese response to the deployment of the THAAD system.

“The People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force conducted tests of new types of missiles somewhere in Bohai in recent days, and achieved desired results,” said a statement released by the Chinese defense ministry, according to the South China Morning Post.