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Guys in a Diner Asked About Comey Firing and Their Answers Can’t be More Different from Media

The new of FBI Director James Comey’s dismissal by President Donald Trump took the media by surprise. Reporters who hadn’t gotten leaked intel or a heads-up from White House were caught flat-footed when the news was released.

However, reporters were quick to react to the news.

CNN called it a “coup.” MSNBC called it a “constitutional crisis.” NPR called the timing “suspicious.”

As White House spokespersons were deployed to discuss the issue, they were faced with harsh criticism.

“Morning Joe’s” Mika Brezinski called White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Sanders a liar, if not in so many words:

CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s eye roll at Kellyanne Conway has gone viral.

But what did the average American think of Comey’s firing?

Fox News sent reporter Griff Jenkins to a Behtesday, Maryland diner to find out their reactions:

Their answers couldn’t be any more different from the media’s.

One man answered:

“I think it needed to happen.”

Another said:

“As President of the United States he should be able to hire and fire as he pleases.”

Still another said he had total faith in President Trump to get it right:

“We have to trust our president.”

Others had issues with what took President Trump so long.

Watch their reactions above.