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Trump Calls for Investigation Into Sen. Blumenthal for Lying About Service in Vietnam

This week, Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal went on the offensive after Donald Trump fired James Comey from his role as FBI Director. Now, Trump is countering with accusations of his own.

Blumenthal appeared on MSNBC and CNN Wednesday to repeat his calls for a special prosecutor to investigate any connections between Trump’s campaign and the Russian government. The senator said several times in public that he served in Vietnam, but military records uncovered by the New York Times showed he never went to war.

Instead, Blumenthal received multiple military deferments to avoid going to war. Blumenthal did eventually join the Marine Corps Reserve in the 1970s and rose to rank of sergeant, but according to the Times, performed duties that virtually guaranteed he wouldn’t go overseas.

Trump reiterated this fact in a series of tweets aimed at the Senator.

You can read them below: