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L.A. City Council Passes Resolution Calling for Trump Impeachment

Council member Bob Blumenfield was the primary driver of the resolution. He asserted the following rationale for his action:

… if he [Donald Trump] is not going to come clean and show the American people that his hands are clean of potentially illegal foreign money in investments, then we must demand that Congress use their power to investigate the situation.”

Blumenfield went out of his way to clarify that the Council action was not related to the president’s policies on healthcare, immigration or abortion rights.

According to Mr. Blumenfield, if a foreign embassy hosted an event or stayed at a hotel where the president’s name is branded, then this could constitute a violation of the clause.”

Los Angeles City Council is not the first liberal group to raise the emoluments clause issue.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington filed suit in federal court to stop President Donald Trump’s business from taking payment from the foreign countries and their respective agents.

During that time, President Donald Trump dismissed the lawsuit as “without merit” during a White House press conference in January. During that time, he even pledged that he would donate any profits they will earn from foreign governments to the United States Treasury.”

President Trump announced in January that his business empire’s assets would be transferred to a trust managed by his sons to avoid conflicts of interest.

What President Trump’s critics fail to take into consideration is that no one has ever been prosecuted under the Emoluments Clause. Furthermore, Congress has never specifically defined what constitutes “emoluments.”

Interestingly enough, liberals didn’t seem the least bit concerned about foreign government donations to the Clinton Foundation during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State.

The Emoluments Clause has long been overshadowed by the Foreign Gifts and Decorations Act enacted by Congress in 1966. That law provides much more specific guidance on the particular situations and types of gifts that can be given, as well as the limits on their value.