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MSNBC’s Matthews: Trump Firing Comey Has a ‘Whiff of Fascism’ to It

Tuesday’s edition of “Hardball” on MSNBC Saw the host, Chris Matthews, using a word that, outside of mainstream media, has been sparingly used to describe the Trump administration: “Fascism.” Matthews made the comment while he was discussing the release of FBI Director James Comey with former Bureau agent Clint Watts.

“What can you trust?” asked Watts. “I mean, what we saw tonight is the rule of law does not matter. It’s the rule of political power. We hear President Trump say ‘America first;’ tonight, President Trump put himself first.”

That’s when Matthews chimed back in: “A little whiff of fascism tonight, I think it’s fair to say?”

Watts affirmatively answered “Absolutely,” and then Matthews finished his thought. “A little whiff of ‘I don’t care about the law, I’m the boss,'” the host added.

Watts then mentioned the possibility that the termination letter has been ready for months, with Trump waiting for Comey to make a mistake.