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City Votes for Taxpayer Dollars to be Used in Helping Illegal Immigrants with Legal Fees

Fox News radio host Todd Starnes blasted new legislation by cities voting to pay the legal fees of illegal immigrants with taxpayer money.

Starnes discussed a vote by the Sacramento City Council last week, which allotted $300,000 in taxpayer money to be given to illegal aliens with immigration problems. The council also voted to strengthen existing “sanctuary city” policies already in place.

“It’s now illegal for city employees to ask about someone’s immigration status,” Starnes said on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday. “In other words, one set of rules for law-abiding Americans and another set of rules for the illegals.”

Starnes also reported on a plan by Georgia’s Emory University to give undocumented students a free ride. The college plans to cover “100 percent” of the tuition costs for students in the country illegally.

“Law-abiding American students must pay for their education, as do international students who came here legally,” Starnes explained. “But not those who came here illegally. “Yeah, that’s going to give somebody a micro-aggression.”

The conservative columnist gave his final thoughts on what it used to mean to cross another nation’s border illegally.

“You know folks, there was a time when millions of people crossing the border into one country without permission was considered an act of war,” Starnes said.

“They used to fight wars over stuff like that,” he added. “But these days, well they just call it a Democratic voter registration drive.”