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Bill O’Reilly Makes Public Appearance at Mets Game

Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly made a rare public appearance Monday evening with his former colleague Geraldo Rivera.

Rivera tweeted a photo of him and a smiling O’Reilly at a Mets game.

“Let’s go Mets,” the tweet read.

O’Reilly’s public appearance Monday evening was one of his first since being let go by Fox News because of reports that he and the network had paid five women up to $13 million to settle sexual harassment lawsuits since 2002.

The former Fox News host said it was “tremendously disheartening” to be ending his career at the network “due to completely unfounded claims.”

O’Reilly had recently resigned a multi-year contract with Fox News. He will be paid up to $25 million by the network to break the contract.

It’s unclear whether Rivera will receive any pushback from Fox News for his public appearance with the former host.

CNN reported last week that Jesse Watters, a protégé of O’Reilly and current co-host of The Five, was in trouble with Fox News because he planned to appear alongside O’Reilly and Fox contributor Dennis Miller during “The Spin Stops Here Tour” in Baltimore, Las Vegas and Tampa, among other places.

CNN alleged that Fox is trying to go through Watters’ contract to keep him from making the tours with O’Reilly.

It appears that Fox has been successful in its pressure campaign against Watters.

“We’re going to do the tour,” O’Reilly said in April. “The tour stays. Miller and Watters and me.”

But that changed on Thursday.

“Miller and I will make it worth your while,” O’Reilly said Thursday, omitting Watters from his announcement.