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When Dad Sees toddler Spit Out Bottle Stepmom Gave Her, He Realizes How She was Being ‘Punished’

Around one year ago, a reportedly strained relationship between two women put a toddler in danger.

As 37-year-old Andrea Vazquez-Hernandez awaits trial for aggravated battery in DuPage County, Illinois, the Chicago Tribune reports that a judge ruled that “reputed evidence of bad blood” between Vazquez-Hernandez and the woman who had a baby with her husband while they were separated can be admitted into court.

As the Tribune reports, Vazquez-Hernandez’s husband fathered a child with another woman during the couple’s two-year-long separation, and prosecutors alleged the toddler was “a constant reminder of a forbidden relationship.”

On May 29, 2016, as the husband was giving a bottle of milk to the 17-month-old in the home he shared with his wife and their 6-year-old child, the toddler reportedly spit out the contents.

The baby’s refusal to drink from the bottle led to the father discovering it had been “spiked.”

Concerned, he took the child to the hospital, where the tests returned normal. She was treated and released.

The father then called authorities to notify them of the incident. Upon investigating, they discovered that Vasquez-Hernandez had put one inch of nail polish removed in the baby’s bottle.

She reportedly told police that she wanted to “punish” her husband and the baby’s mother.

Police arrested Vazquez-Hernandez, and a judge held her on $250,000 bond. She has been detained since her arrest.

In a statement following her arrest, State’s Attorney Robert Berlin said:

“The allegations against this defendant are extremely disturbing. Thankfully, the young victim in this case did not ingest any of the nail polish remover allegedly supplied by her stepmother.”

Ahead of her trial, almost one year after the incident, prosecutors are seeking to introduce evidence of the reported strain that the baby caused on Vazquez-Hernandez’s marriage, including an alleged physical altercation between her husband, reports the Tribune.

According to People, Vazquez-Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to the charges. Her trial is scheduled for May 17.