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Virginia High School Principal Supports Students’ Patriotic Act

Despite some parents trying to stifle the patriotism of students at a Virginia high school, Old Glory remains a very visible presence, thanks to some students and a principal who supported them.

It all started when parents of students at Godwin High School in Henrico County, Va., complained to the principal about the presence of too many American flags on student vehicles parked in the school lot.

The flags were being flown by students in honor of their fellow students who would enlist in the military after graduation.

“Freedom isn’t free,” said Godwin senior Joseph Baskette. “We know what it takes, we know what it costs and we are very thankful that these students are signing up to go and fight for us.”

Principal Leigh Dunavant then did the unexpected. Dunavant emailed the school’s parents telling them he supported the students.

When the students found out what Dunavant did, it gave them even more of a reason to honor their nation.

“Friday after school, (we) went to Lowes and put about three more flags on my friends’ cars. I helped them get those on,” Baskette said.

The effect the students created was striking.

“It was like walking through a tunnel of flags. When you’re walking on the sidewalk and looking at all the cars and people who did that, it was amazing,” said student Colter Mahon, who sported a flag on the back of his Toyota Camry.

“It was actually the talk of the day on Friday,” said student Jovon Hughes.

Parent Jody Baskette praised Dunavant for standing by the students.

“I really think she did the right thing in supporting the students. I just loved it. It doesn’t get any better than that,” he said.

“These kids have done it themselves and that’s really, really a patriotic symbol of what this country is,” he added.

Mahon said students are proud to show their support for the flag.

“It represents so many things. Equality. Independence. All the stuff that our forefathers and all them worked for and that means a lot,” he said.