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Things Get Heated on Fox Panel; ‘Don’t Mess with McCain’

Things got heated on The Five Thursday when what started as a debate on the House passage of a bill to overhaul Obamacare ended with a display of anger from Meghan McCain.

The Fox News panel was largely being supportive of the proposal until co-host Juan Williams ignited sparks.

“I hope it covers mental illness because we’re seeing a lot of it at the table tonight,” Williams quipped.

Williams then said President Donald Trump pressured Republicans to pass the legislation because Trump was “desperate for something that he can call a victory.”

Williams and Jesse Watters then sparred over the scale of high premiums in Arizona due to Obamacare.

“Here’s the details you have not heard about, America,” Williams said. “Uninsured, more uninsured people. If you’re a senior in this country, so many older people voted for President Trump. Guess what? Now you can be charged five times more for your medical coverage. Hospitals are going to pay more for Medicare. What about the poor? Paying more for premiums and deductions. It’s a fraud,”

McCain then got into the fray.

“Honestly, how dare you,” said McCain, daughter of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. “My own state has been hit the hardest by far.”

Williams refused to back down though.

“This is a fraud,” he said again.

McCain then launched into a blazing attack.

“I want you to go to Arizona and say this,” McCain said. “I want Juan to go to Arizona and talk to people I know who are paying more than their mortgage for Obamacare premiums.”

McCain was not to be stopped even as Williams tried to speak.

“It’s a disaster! Why are you freaking out so much if nothing happened?” she said. “If this isn’t a big deal, why are you freaking out? You’re freaking out!”

“This is a lie,” Williams finally got out.

“Democrats are freaking out because we know it’s a victory,” McCain said.

Enter Greg Gutfeld as peacemaker.

“Everybody, deep breath,” Gutfeld said. “Everyone think of a green pasture and frolicking little goats.”

Co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle then summed up the show as it went to a break.

“Let me tell you something: Don’t mess with McCain,” she said.