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‘The View’ Gets Upset Over Caron’s Comments on the Role of Public Housing

HUD Secretary Ben Carson launched a firestorm of protest this week when he said that although public housing serves a valuable purpose, it should only serve as a respite for those who can work to own their own homes.

The women on The View were particularly upset about this comment, especially Whoopi Goldberg.

“We are talking about incentivizing those who help themselves,” Carson said, summarizing his self-help philosophy.

Carson said public housing should offer the basics, but not “a comfortable setting that would make somebody want to say: I’ll just stay here. They will take care of me.'”

Carson said public housing was essential for those in need, but those who can do better should be inspired to do so.

“We have some people who are mentally ill. We have some elderly and disabled people. We can’t expect in many cases those people to do a great deal to take care of themselves,” he said.

“There is another group of people who are able-bodied individuals, and I think we do those people a great disservice when we simply maintain them,” he said.

Carson’s position was not what these women wanted to hear.

“So kids born into poverty should be penalized and the government should provide less comfortable places for them to live??? I’m sickened,” tweeted co-host Sunny Hostin.

“No one has a way with words quite like our new Housing Secretary Dr. Ben Carson,” Goldberg said.

“It just feels, Ben, like you’re kinda blaming poor people for being poor. You think poor people wanna stay in the housing, because I gotta tell you, all I could think of was how to get the hell out of there,” said Goldberg, who once lived in a public housing project in New York City.

“It’s like what they’re saying is, ‘If you help poor people, they’ll develop dependency,’” said co-host Joy Behar.