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President Trump will Remove Two Groups off Food Stamps For Good!

Welfare was a widely discussed issue under former president Barack Obama. The nation saw a large number of people on welfare and food stamps with Obama doing nothing about it.

According to reports, President Trump is planning to remove two major groups from food stamps permanently. Welfare reform is desperately in need and now Trump is about to face it head on.

The onslaught of welfare reform news over the last several weeks has been a huge wake-up call to those enjoying the free ride on the coattails of hardworking Americans. From eliminating the “Obamaphone” to requiring drug tests before benefits, the new rules in addition to this just a lot worse for certain people who could now be evicted from the system for good.

Overseeing the food benefit program (SNAP) is The U.S. Department of Agriculture, who reportedly has almost 43.6 million people getting food stamps as of April 2016. On that massive meal ticket are a particularly grotesque bunch of criminals who have been convicted of sickening sex crimes and murder. These violent perverts are among those getting the boot.

This is a huge win for American taxpayers who’s hard earned money went into the pockets and mouths of criminals.

Felons aren’t the only ones on the potential chopping block. Those who were lucky enough to win a large lottery sum or gambling winnings aren’t so lucky that they get to keep their welfare and windfall of funds. If they happen to spend through that cash and wind up in need again, they can get on welfare, but the proposal would prevent them from being on it while benefitting from their cash prize.

Proposed enforcement of these rules comes in addition to forcing each state to use a system that verifies immigration status and income of all food stamp applicants. This combined crackdown could save taxpayers a massive sum of money that could be put to far better use. The expected resistance from the left is already in effect calling these rules discriminatory, which worked for Obama but won’t for Trump.

Obviously there will be dissent from the left to say that this is targeting or discriminatory, but what else is new.