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Party-Goers Body Slam Elderly Woman, Drag Her Into Pool – Because She Asked Them to Turn Down the Volume

Police are searching for a group of party-goers after a video surfaced showing an elderly woman being body slammed and dragged into a pool.

According to reports from Daily Mail, a video that is quickly going viral depicts an elderly white woman surrounded by a group of black party-goers in which she allegedly is asking the group to turn their music down.

The woman, with her two dogs, can be seen addressing the crowd.

While it isn’t clear what the woman is saying, it is clear those at the party are upset with her as voices are heard shouting, “Throw her in, throw her in,” referencing the pool behind her.

Out of nowhere, one of the party-goers walks up and raises the woman into the air and body slams her to the ground.

The woman still held onto her dog’s leashes as the incident got worse.

The assaulter then grabs the woman by her legs and drags her across the pool deck and her dogs can be seen trying to get away. Then, he drops her into the water.

Both dogs were able to release themselves before she was dropped into the water.

Meanwhile, other party-goers can be heard laughing and run away from the incident, Daily Mail notes.

It is not reported whether anyone helped the woman after she was assaulted.

According to an ABC World News Twitter post, the incident took place in South Florida. However, neither the woman’s identity nor where the assault took place has been confirmed.