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GOP Senator Slams Sally Yates to the Wall: ‘Who Appointed You to the United States Supreme Court?’

Former Attorney General Sally Yates planned to testify about Russian interference in the 2016 election, but she seemed to have gotten more than she bargained for when Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) took the mic.

Kennedy took time to question Yates on her refusal to defend President Trump’s order temporarily banning travel from several Muslim majority and key terrorist nations across the globe, an act that got the Obama-appointee fired.

On her refusal, Yates told Kennedy that she “believed any argument [the Justice Department] would have to make in its defense would not be grounded in the truth. We would have to argue that it had nothing to do with religion.”

When asked if there was another way to defend the order, Yates responded with her belief that the intent of the order was to discriminate against Muslims who wanted to come to the United States.

Then the senator went in for the big shot.

“At what point does an Act of Congress or an executive order become unconstitutional?” Kennedy asked. “I can look at a statute and say ‘I think that’s unconstitutional.’ Does that make it unconstitutional?”

After Yates began stammering, Kennedy said, “What I’m getting at, and I don’t mean disrespect….Who Appointed you to the United States Supreme Court?”

Yates doubled down with the contention that it’s the Attorney General’s responsibility to say no if they believe an order is unlawful, “and that’s what I did.”

“I believe you believe what you’re saying,” said Kennedy.

Even if that is the case, that does not make it constitutional.