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Dr. Phil’s Tragic Show with Mom of Boy Who Hanged Himself Reveals Horrifying Chance of It Being Planned

March 14 was a routine evening for Katrina Goss and her son, Tysen. That Tuesday seemed like any other. Tysen went to school, attended tutoring, and even spent some time in the kitchen baking brownies with his mom.

By 9:40, Tysen was ready to retire for the night. Little did Katrina know that this would be his last.

When Katriina went to tuck her three children in, she noticed that her middle son’s door was locked. She called to him, but there was no answer. Assuming he was “being silly,” she forced herself into his room.

She could not see him.

After checking his closet, she saw her worst fear; her 11-year-old was hanging from his closet by a belt.

He reportedly attempted to commit suicide after receiving a text message “prank” from his alleged 13-year-old girlfriend. The girl pretended she had killed herself by having her friends contact Tysen through social media, alerting him of the tragic “news.”

After 21 days on life support, Tysen died, wrapped in his mother’s arms.

Katrina was shocked and heartbroken. She opened up about this in an interview with Dr. Phil on Monday.

She recounted the tremendous pain she felt as he died:

“I don’t even know how to describe. I don’t wish it on my worst enemy.”

Students reportedly told Katrina that the “prankster” seemed unfazed at school the next day. To Katrina, the lack of remorse revealed a darker truth.

She told Dr. Phil she believed that the girlfriend had intended for her son to take his own life.

“I do feel that was her intention. Right after, she didn’t message me. She didn’t tell another adult. She was just going along like nothing happened.”

Katrina added that her son seemed slightly different than his typical, happy-go-lucky self after the dating began.

“He just seemed kind of not very happy, just kind of sad in general.”

According to his mother, Tysen was a high performing social butterfly and athlete who took great pride in spending time with those he loved:

“He was a wonderful friend. He was the kindest person. I want to make sure nobody forgets him and keeps them in their heart.”

Other members of Tysen’s family are still feeling the aftershocks. His older brother has yet to come home after the loss.

According to the interview, he is currently living with his grandmother.

The Michigan mother wished she could ask the girlfriend just one thing: Why?

“Why did you do this? What was your reason? How could you do this to such a fabulous little boy?”

If charged, the girl could face time in juvenile detention for malicious use of telecommunications service and use of a computer to commit a crime.