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After Saving 2 Female Officers From Gun-Grabbing Suspect – His Employer’s Response Left Him in Shock

Two female police officers in Tampa, Florida, were engaged in a violent struggle with a male suspect last month when the situation suddenly turned potentially deadly.

The suspect allegedly tugged at one of the officers’ gun four times. The man pushed one officer to the ground and hit the other one in the face.

That’s when a man emerged out of nowhere and put the suspect in a “bear hug,” ultimately giving the officers enough leverage to get the situation under control. Other bystanders also jumped to help, police said.

The bystander has been identified as Tim Martin, a HART transit supervisor. The Tampa Police Department commended Martin for helping the two cops escape from danger.

A short time later, Martin reportedly received a letter from his employer. However, the letter was not congratulatory.

HART informed Martin that he had been placed under investigation and he could face disciplinary action.

When asked what exactly Martin did wrong during the altercation, HART spokesperson Sandra Morrison told WFTS-TV there was a “communication gap.”

“There was a stretch of time we did not hear from our transit supervisor so I mean we don’t know if his life could’ve been in danger something could’ve happened, so we needed to know what had happened around that stretch of time,” Morrison said.

Martin’s union rep, John Sholtes, said Martin is “quite concerned” HART may try to fire him despite his 6-year tenure with a clean record.

“What I understand is it was a heroic act and what I don’t understand is what there is to be disciplined for, it just doesn’t seem to make sense to us,” Sholtes added.

Days after local news reporting brought national attention to the case, HART reportedly told WFTS-TV that they were closing their investigation and there would be no action taken against Martin.

But Morrison said the company would be talking to Martin to “make sure that if ever there’s an event like this in the future that there’s proper communication.”

Tampa PD, on the other hand, is thinking about giving Martin some kind of award for his heroism.