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After Almost 100 Years This 97-Year-Old is Finally Able to Fulfill a Lifelong Dream

Most children dream of being firefighters and police officers and they love anything representing a hero.  These dreams usually last until a young boy grows up, and while some stick to the plan, others take on different career roles.

But who is to say that those hero dreams die young? Ninety-seven-year-old, Bill Grun can attest to the fact that dreams stay for a lifetime. Grun always dreamed of being a firefighter, but instead he became a teacher for most of his life. At 97, Grun resided at a retirement home in Pennsylvania and his fellow residents learned of his dream.

When it was time for Grun to celebrate his 97th birthday, they thought it would be the perfect time to make that dream come true. So the staff at the retirement home contacted the Doylestown Fire Cmpany No. 1 and asked if they could send a station crew driver in a big rig to take Grun for a ride. The crew eagerly agreed, and soon Grun would go on the ride of a lifetime.