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Senate to Hear Sally Yates’s Testimony Regarding Michael Flynn

Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates is set to testify before a subcommittee of the U.S. Senate today regarding discussions she had with White House staffers in the early days of the Trump administration about concerns over former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

According to the Washington Post, Yates will be questioned about a conversation she had with White House counsel Donald McGahn about Flynn.

Citing sources close to the situation, the Post reports that Yates told the White House that statements made by Vice President Mike Pence in regards to Flynn’s meeting with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak were incorrect and that Flynn could be subject to Russian manipulation or blackmail.

Senior White House officials, including Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, have described the conversation as a “heads up” from Yates to the administration. Yates has described the conversation to be much more serious than the White House is letting on.

According to CNN, Yates was clear with McGahn that Flynn’s comments were misleading and that she expressed “serious concerns.” Flynn was fired 18 days after that meeting.

Yates, who was originally appointed to the Department of Justice by former president Barack Obama, became the acting attorney general for President Donald Trump upon his inauguration. She was fired 10 days into Trump’s presidency after failing to defend the president’s travel ban.

Monday morning, President Trump took to Twitter to express his views on what the senators should ask Yates:

The president’s tweet seems to signify that he is interested in the Senate investigating the leaking of information to the press rather than, or possibly in addition to, the actions of his administration.

Yates was originally scheduled to testify last month before a committee in the House of Representatives; however, her appearance was canceled over concern of what she would be able to discuss in a public forum.