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One Epic Sign Absolutely Destroys The Pro-Choice Argument

A picture of a young man holding a small sign is redefining the word “choice” in a very simple manner.

“Abortion has never been about ‘choice’ … It’s about escaping the consequences of your choice by taking all the choices away from another human being,” reads the hand-lettered sign.

“This guy’s sign perfectly sums up what these folks really want,” wrote Michael Cantrell.

“Pro-Abortion supports constantly yak on and on about standing up for abortion rights because they want women to have ‘choices,’ and they don’t want some poor young girl to be ‘punished’ with a baby — our righteously moronic president said that last one — but let’s be real, that’s not what they’re fighting for,” he added.

Other commentators had similar thoughts.

“The ones who believe in ‘choices’ truly believe in doing whatever they want without any consequences. Adult actions come with adult responsibilities, and if you choose to engage in adult actions safely — or not at all — you won’t have to ‘choose’ to murder a child,” wrote Brittany Soares.