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North Korea Makes Heinous Threat! Send Millions of Kids Armed with Nuclear Bombs to Attack U.S. and Allies

Kim Jong-un has threatened to “wipe out” the U.S. South Korea, and Japan so often that people have gotten tired of him and his threats. His threats have aroused the attention of President Trump who wants to deal with him in a much different way than former President Obama did.

Despite that, the latest threat from North Korea puts its leaders’ horrible thinking into view:

Young supporters of Kim Jong Il are preparing to ‘wipe out’ the US and Korea with five million nuclear bombs, the head of the republic’s youth league has said.

The chilling message from the Central Committee of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League warns that ‘the Earth will break’ if it launches an attack.

It promised to destroy the US and its South Korean neighbours if either shows ‘a slight provocation,’ as international tension reaches breaking point.

Of course, Kim Jong-un has a few working nuclear bombs at most, so claiming that he would dispatch five million attached to children as nuclear suicide bombers is insane. yet the idea that he would use some of his nuclear weapons in such a way is not out of question. Nor is it impossible that he’d send children with other weapons to attack, however horrible that thought may be.

North Korea’s state-run Korean Central News Agency reported a spokesman saying the youths were ‘keeping themselves fully combat ready to mercilessly wipe out with five million nuclear bombs the group of devils who are trying to bring a nuclear disaster to the inviolable country.’

The warning comes as North Korea fired rockets and torpedoes at mock enemy warships during its ‘largest ever’ live-fire artillery drills on Tuesday.

As mentioned, if Kim wanted to attract the attention of President Trump, he has succeeded.

And in a defiant bit of timing, South Korea have announced that key parts of a contentious US missile defense system have been installed.

The South’s trumpeting of progress in setting up the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense system, or THAAD, comes as high-powered US military assets converge on the Korean Peninsula and as a combative North Korea signals possible nuclear and missile testing.

On the same day, a US guided-missile submarine docked in South Korea.

And the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier is also headed toward the peninsula for a joint exercise with South Korea.

The exercise took place as a US guided-missile submarine arrived in South Korea and envoys from the US, Japan and South Korea met in Tokyo to discuss the growing threat posed by North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missiles program.

Trump has made the closest thing to a direct reply to North Korea.

On Monday, President Donald Trump said dictator Jong-Un isn’t as strong as he claims to be, and he blamed the international community for not doing more to rein him in.

The ‘status quo’ on North Korea is ‘unacceptable,’ Trump told members of the United Nations Security Council at the White House.

‘The council must be prepared to impose additional and stronger sanctions,’ Trump said.

Senior analyst, Jonathan Pollack, at the Brookings Institution says the back-and-forth threats between the US and North Korea ‘raises the stakes’, according to CBS.

While military options are clearly under consideration, efforts at diplomacy continue.

The US, Japan and South Korea agreed Tuesday to put maximum pressure on North Korea, the South’s envoy for North Korea said after meeting his American and Japanese counterparts in Tokyo.

‘We agreed to warn North Korea to stop any additional strategic provocation and take intolerably strong punitive measures against Pyongyang if it goes ahead with such provocations,’ Kim Hong-kyun told reporters following his meeting with Joseph Yun of the US and Japan’s Kenji Kanasugi.

Kim said they discussed ways to get more cooperation from China and Russia, which they agreed is crucial to applying effective pressure on North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program. He said they also recognized China’s recent steps toward that goal.

Japan’s Foreign Ministry announced that China’s envoy for North Korea, Wu Dawei, was arriving in Tokyo on Tuesday for talks with Kanasugi that may take place later this week.

How successful these allies will be in convincing North Korea to scrap its nuclear program remains to be seen. If Kim Jong-Un is to be taken seriously, it seems he is unlikely to give that up.