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Italian TV Reporter Assaulted As She Covered The Arrival of Refugees!

A young Italian TV reporter and her cameraman were both assaulted on live television while covering the arrival of refugees from Africa.

MATRIX Correspondent Francesca Parisella was covering the influx of immigrants who arrived in Italy and were sleeping at a Roman train station.

“Their hope is especially to reach Milan … and then to move to Northern Europe,” she told viewers. “It’s important to know that this reception –”

At that moment, and within just a minute of the beginning of the live broadcast, she and her crew were assaulted by the refugees.

“What’s happening, Francesca?” MATRIX anchor Nicola Porro asked as Parisella and her crew ran from the scene.

“They assaulted us, Nicola!” she managed to say while running.

Porro told Parisella to leave when her assailants seemed to have caught up with her.

“What do you want?” she shouted as she ran from the station. “What do you want? “You’re crazy!” and then she could be heard screaming.

Unable to do anything to help, Porro managed to say, “Oh God, Francesca, get out of there.”

Here is the full video below:

Clip via Vlad Tepes blog, which provided this translation via translation by Fousequawk:

A female news reporter for Italian TV went to the main train station in Rome late one evening to report on the poor, poor African “refugees” who had been sleeping rough there for a while. The unfortunate young lady and her even more unfortunate cameraman were jumped from behind and assaulted by some of those same culture-enrichers. The unexpected fracas ended up being broadcast on live television.

Luckily for her, a (presumably unenriched) taxi driver happened to be at hand to offer her shelter; otherwise the reporter might have ended up providing therapy for some of the migrants to help them cope with their “sexual emergencies”.

The reporter did make it out OK, according to social media.