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Bus Driver Suddenly Alerted When a Young Student Says She Has to ‘Babysit’ Her Brother

A little girl in Indiana shared her daily plans on her ride home from school with her bus driver on Tuesday.

According to WFIE, an eight-year-old, Evansville girl explained to her bus driver that she needed to get home because she was watching her one-year-old brother. That didn’t sit well with the driver, who was finishing her route for the day.

So, she accompanied the child to the girl’s home and watched as  she brought her baby brother out of the apartment to show her.

The boy was all alone in the home, while Holly and Cameron Reine, the parents of the children, were nowhere to be found. The bus driver called 911 quickly.

Police arrived at the home to find no adults – and a pill bottle, drug paraphernalia, and alcohol in the child’s reach.

They also found animal droppings in the young girl’s room and an empty refrigerator with no other food in the home for the children to eat. The girl told police she only eats when she’s at school.

The 8-year-old also explained to officers that she watches her brother when her parents leave, even taking care of the one-year-old when they are gone all night.

Police waited in the home for an hour before Holly and Cameron Reine returned. Neither were concerned about where their children were. The parents never asked where their children were while speaking to police.

The pair had two different stories for police when questioned about leaving their children alone. They claimed that a babysitter was supposed to come after they left. They couldn’t get the babysitter’s name straight, though. Holly said her name was “Cathy,” but Cameron told police her name was “Angie.”

The mother claimed she could not give officers any information on the babysitter because she’s homeless and she only speaks to her using Facebook Messenger. She refused to show them any messages as proof, saying they were “probably deleted.”

Holly then told police that she left her baby alone to get pizza for her children, but entered the home empty handed without any food for the kids.

The bus driver who sensed that there was the problem told WFIE:

“I’m thankful that EPD responded so quickly, and we were able to alleviate the situation, a little bit, and got the children out of harm’s way because it’s just a sad situation.”

Authorities say the parents were arrested on child neglect and drug charges, and that the children have been removed from the home. A pet found there was taken away by animal control.