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Top Democrats Whine Over Obamacare Repeal: ‘Trump and Republicans will Own Every Preventable Death’

On Thursday, the House of Representatives voted to repeal Obamacare and replace it with the American Health Care Act, but a fight in the Senate is still on the horizon.

As a result of the decision made by the House, prominent Democrats are ramping up the rhetoric against President Trump and Republicans.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez said, via the Hill:

“Trump and Republicans will own every preventable death, every untreated illness and every bankruptcy that American families will be forced to bear if this bill becomes law and millions lose access to affordable care,” he said in a statement. “The 24 million that lose access to healthcare is not just a number.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) tweeted:

Former Democratic presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) told CNN’s Anderson Cooper, in part:

“If the bill that passed in the House today became law, thousands of Americans would die because they would no longer access to health care. Anderson, it is wrong to talk about what happened in the House today as a health care bill.

This was not a health care bill. This was a bill that provided three hundred billion dollars in tax breaks for the wealthiest two percent at a time where we already have massive income inequality in America today.”

During Thursday’s vote, 20 Republicans sided with the Democrats in the House, all of whom voted against the bill.