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Amanda Knox Defends Criticizing Donald Trump After He Supported Her During Murder Case

On Thursday, the Los Angeles Times published an op-ed by Amanda Knox, who was famously wrongfully convicted of murder in Italy in 2009 before being exonerated in 2015. She wrote about Donald Trump.

It all began in an April 14th New York Times article about George Guido Lombardi, a friend of the president. When Trump was stumping for Knox’s innocence, he once asked Lombardi to examine her case while on a trip to Italy. Now Lombardi says that Trump was “very upset” that Knox openly supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

“I received negative backlash from his supporters even before Lombardi’s comments were published,” Knox wrote. “They felt that I owed Trump my allegiance and were outraged at columns I wrote in which I criticized his policies and explained my reasons for endorsing Hillary Clinton.” One critic called her “ungrateful” and a “left wing lunatic.”

“Yes, Trump donated to my defense,” she continued. “And yes, Trump defended my innocence, recognizing that coercive interrogations produce false testimony authored by the interrogators themselves, a well-studied and documented fact.” However, she points out that Trump didn’t do the same in another case involving a coerced confessions.

The “Central Park Five” were a group of black and Latino men wrongfully convicted of the 1989 rape of a white woman, before being released in 2002 after another inmate’s DNA matched the sample in the case’s rape kit. Trump bought newspaper ads demanding the death penalty be reinstated during the initial incident, and still maintains that the five men were guilty.

In Knox’s words: “Trump recognized me as a fellow American who deserved to be assumed innocent until proven guilty, but he condemned the Central Park Five as ‘other’ — guilty until proven innocent.”