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Republicans Finally Make First Step in Repealing Obamacare

The House took a major victory today as Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) led Republicans to a 217-213 House vote to repeal Obamacare.

This has been a long road for Republicans since the Democrat House pushed Obamacare through.

The Washington Times elaborated:

As the vote was announced, GOP leaders cheered and applauded while Democrats, who unanimously voted against the repeal, serenaded them with a rendition of the song “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” – a prediction that Republicans who backed the plan would pay for it at the ballot box.

GOP lawmakers exiting the Capitol were met with shouts  of “Shame!” from a throng of protesters before they loaded onto buses headed for a celebration at the White House.

Congratulations to President Trump, House Republicans and the American people for finally doing away with Obamacare.