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In Opposition to Trump, This City Just Became a ‘Sanctuary City’

Donald Trump’s famous Palm Beach home and country club Mar-A-Lago sits on an island across the water from the liberal city of West Palm Beach.

The city is known for its liberal rule over residents and businesses and its heavy push for progressive things.

Almost half a million illegal immigrants live in South Florida.

Over a month ago, city officials gave the middle finger to Trump by voting to brand itself the “Welcoming City.”

The name was used as an alternative to the term “sanctuary city” that has negative connotations.

Sadly, that idea backfired rather quickly when it cost a local resident his life after he was killed in a hit and run by an illegal alien.

Put protecting American citizens isn’t the priority for these justice warriors.

According to the Palm Beach Post, city employees are prohibited from:

  • Asking anyone for information about or otherwise helping investigate citizenship or immigration status.
  • Disclosing information regarding someone’s citizenship or immigration status.
  • Conditioning receipt of city benefits, opportunities or services on one’s citizenship or immigration status.
  • Requiring federal identification documents issued by a person’s nation of origin, instead of just accepting a Florida drivers license or Florida ID card.
  • And it requires that arrests and detentions be conducted in accordance with the city’s standard procedures.

“We want to make sure people know that they are safe in West Palm Beach and this is a place where we want them to be,” the city’s mayor, Jeri Muoio said.

The vote led to a large number of heated response from residents who attended the council meeting where the measured was passed.

A resident named Jana Justice practically dropped the mic on the council after initially making it clear that her name is JUSTICE.

“If we’re gonna be a welcoming city how about let’s be a preservation and a protecting city? A city that protects its citizens. Citizens first! Taxpayers first!” she said.

“You’re saying open carte blanche, everybody come here,” she said. “There is a big difference between immigrant and illegal immigrant and also there is another differentiation between a criminal illegal alien.”

A city council member then called for her to be removed from the podium by police.

“Oh you would silence me after we heard 50 people talk!” she shouted before police arrived.

But the state of Florida has begun the process of fighting back as the House passed a bill to punish sanctuary, and yes even WPB “welcoming” cities, who won’t cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

Democrats in the House opposed the bill and tried to call it anti-immigrant, while leaving out the illegal part.

“The idea that this is an anti-immigrant effort is not in my heart or in my mind,” Rep. Larry Metz, who is the primary sponsor of the bill, said. “I am very much in favor of legal immigration, but there is distinction between legal and illegal, and I believe in the rule of law.”

The punishment is rather steep as it doesn’t just cut funding from the city, but it also hits the officials that harbor these criminals directly in the pocket.

If passed by the Senate and signed by the governor, it would impose fines of up to $5,000 a day against local officials for each day the sanctuary policy is in effect, according to U.S. News and World Report.

Moreover, it can also lead to the removal from office of any county official, such as a sheriff.