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FBI Director Comey Reveals How ‘Classified’ Clinton Emails Were Found on Anthony Weiner’s Laptop

FBI Director James Comey testified before a Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday that some of Hillary Clinton’s “classified” emails were forwarded to Anthony Weiner by her top aide, Huma Abedin.

Comey later said Abedin made a habit of sending Weiner classified emails to print out for her, supposedly to give them to Hillary Clinton.

Comey made the revelation under questioning from lawmakers on his decision to announce a new Clinton email investigation just days before the 2016 election.

The FBI director said he had two choices after he learned investigators had discovered thousands of previously undisclosed Clinton emails: “speak” or “conceal.”

Speaking was a “really bad” option because there was an election in less than two weeks, Comey said. However, concealing the information from Congress would have been “catastrophic,” he added.

“As between ‘really bad’ and ‘catastrophic,’ I said to my team, ‘We’ve got to walk into the world of really bad. I’ve got to tell Congress we are restarting this,’” Comey said. “And not in a frivolous way — in a hugely significant way.”

As a result of the investigation, FBI investigators found thousands of new emails, some of which were classified.

However, reopening the investigation still did not produce evidence that Clinton and her staff had wrongful “intent,” according to Comey.