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Congressman Asked if Obamacare Repeal Was Worth His Seat. Tearful Response Ends Interview…

While Congressman Tom MacArthur (R-NJ) may not be a household name, he was just placed in the public eye after helping lead the passage of the American Health Care Act in the House.

MacArthur, a GOP representative from New Jersey, played a vital role in getting the AHCA through the House with an amendment that helped secure coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, as well as raising coverage for those unable to afford insurance.

Reforming Obamacare is a personal project that has been years in the making for the Congressman.

MacArthur and his wife were left devastated when doctors urged them to terminate their first pregnancy after it was discovered that the baby’s brain was not developing properly.

Despite the urging, MacArthur’s wife, Debbie, gave birth to their daughter, Gracie.

Gracie was born with a rare conditional called Holoprosencephaly and, during her 11 years of life, failed to reach many milestones, such as walking and talking. her medical bills were exorbitant.

Gracie also suffered from seizures, which eventually led to her death.

During his daughter’s funeral, MacArthur said of the young girl who “totally changed my life,” that “when you were hugged by Gracie, you knew you have been hugged.”

While MacArthur is filled with loving memories of his late daughter, what he is also reminded of is the large amount of money it cost his family to care for Gracie.

According to NBC, MacArthur noted, “I had insurance, but it doesn’t cover everything.”

He continued:

“If I were in a taxpayer-financed pool, not a policy-financed pool, all those insureds in the group of the insurance plan would have had lower premiums.”

During an interview with CNN Thursday afternoon, just moments after the House voted to pass the AHCA, the New Jersey House member became emotional during an interview when asked if his daughter Gracie was an inspiration to get so deeply involved with health care reform.

When the reporter noted that the congressman could lose his seat for working to repeal Obamacare, MacArthur said he ran for office to solve problems, not to “decorate a chair.”

MacArthur posted to Facebook just after the passage of AHCA, saying in part, “It’s important that Congress was able to pass the AHCA and take this important step that will provide the American people with patient-centered, affordable care.”