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Tomi Lahren Reveals Where She Wants to End Up, Calls Fox News ‘Mecca’

Now that Tomi Lahren has been released from her contract, many people are wondering where she will appear next.

With Lahren currently being unemployed and everything that is going on at Fox News, you could say it is a perfect match. The network could be looking for some new talent.

But would Lahren be interested?

According to an interview with Playboy, Lahren would relish the chance to work for the “Mecca” of conservative media.

The piece began by describing Lahren as someone who “came of age at the altar of Fox News, a product of the YouTube generation who’s been endowed with a Facebook platform and Instagram looks.”

Then, in a later portion, the writer asked Lahren if she’d work at Fox News.

“Of course I would,” Lahren responded. “I mean, that’s the Mecca. But I don’t care what the outlet is. I would work for MSNBC if I could be me and be authentic and genuine, and do what I do. That’s the thing about me: I can learn and I can grow, but you’re not getting some empty vessel that you can make with it what you want. I think I’ve proven time and time again that I’m not easily tamed. I would consider going anywhere. But I just want to be able to pursue what’s next. I want the freedom to find that out.”

Many fans of Lahren would love to see this move:

Some have even picked a host for her to replace already: