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This Woman is Insane, Rachel Maddow: President Trump “Wants to Kill Us”

Late Night with Seth Meyers on NBC featured a MSNBC-style Maddow rant, with her feigning fear of being murdered in her sleep by the Brown Shirts in the White House.

When speaking about the Trump administration being “different from every other presidential administration” she complained about the fact that it did not accommodate her schedule of show prep. Normally, administrations “create news they know we might want to cover,” she explained. In this administration, “the news is not made by them, it’s made about them.”

“We’ve never had a president who’s more addicted to news about himself…or more responsive to news…the same news that he supposedly thinks is so worthless.”

Maddow went on to complain that they were waiting until the last minute to release information, that the press corps was not able to bounce back and have the ability to prepare their programs.

According to her, the First Amendment is under attack by this administration.

“It’s a very dangerous time for the First Amendment, for the free press in this country.  We have a First Amendment!  You can’t change that,” she complained.

She then coalesced.  “And at the same time, we’re oddly influential with the guy who wants to kill us.”

Meyers, in an attempt to win back control of his own show, remarked, “It’s like a serial killer who’s clearly in love with the person who’s trying to arrest him.”

Maddow quickly elucidated, “The press is Clarice and he [Trump] is Lecter!”