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Mom of Teen Who Had Baby at 15 Was Relieved of Daughter Having Life on Track, But Now She’s Disappeared…

Kristie Davis doesn’t know what happened.

After the birth of her granddaughter, eight-month-old Adalyn, Davis said her daughter Alyssa was on the right track.

Davis explained to “Dateline NBC” that she was concerned when her daughter first became pregnant because of the challenges of being a teenage mother, but seeing Alyssa’s motherly instincts shine after the birth of her daughter changed that.

“She just adores her daughter. Everything was about Adalyn. She’d always do what was best for her. That’s why I’m so panicked right now,” Davis said.

According to reports, on April 26, Alyssa prepared to take Adalyn to her monthly portrait session that evening by laying her clothes out on the bed.

“She was really excited,” her mother said.

The teen reportedly then Snapchatted with her sister until approximately 3:30 p.m. when she no longer responded to messages.

When Alyssa’s mom arrived at their Yukon, Oklahoma, home after work around 4:50 p.m., she found the house empty and knew something was wrong.

The front door was unlocked, and there was no sign of the two girls who were usually found either playing or taking a nap together.

Alyssa doesn’t have a car or drive, so it would have been difficult for her to leave.

Since then, her daughter and granddaughter have been missing.

According to authorities, there was no sign of forced entry into the home and aside from Alyssa’s cell phone and a diaper bag, no other belongings were missing.

Officials with Oklahoma City Police stated that evidence found at the scene indicates Alyssa being a voluntary runaway.

NBC News further reports that a spokesperson said they do not believe the two are in immediate danger, but Alyssa’s mother begs to differ. She told Dateline:

“I don’t understand why some people don’t believe this is so serious. Alyssa is a child herself. She is just 15. She has a very young daughter with her. She doesn’t have any money or her things. Someone is with her, or has her, and they have to be hiding. This is a serious situation.”

Friends are worried as well, as Alyssa reportedly never said anything of wanting to run away.

Davis told “Dateline” that authorities have spoken to Adalyn’s father, who along with his family maintain they have no information about the girls’ disappearance.

Alyssa is described as 5’4”, weighing 115 lbs. with light brown hair, blue eyes and pierced ears. Her daughter, Adalyn is 2’0” tall, weighing 17 lbs. with brown hair and blue eyes.

One missing persons’ flyer says that Alyssa suffers from Asthma and does not have her inhaler with her.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Oklahoma City Crime Stoppers’ tip line at 405-235-7300 or visit okccrimetips.com.

While Davis searches for clues to piece together her daughter and granddaughter’s whereabouts she believes their disappearance has been majorly off since the beginning: “It’s a terrifying world out there. She’s so young. Something is very wrong here.”