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Hannity Addresses ‘Media Friends’ Over Shakeup: ‘All The Lies You’ve Heard About Me Are Not True’

Sean Hannity trolled media Monday night among rumors he was negotiating an exit from Fox News.

Hannity had teased that he would address speculation he wanted out from his contract after Bill Shine was apparently ousted as co-president of Fox News after 20 years at the network. Hannity and Shine are longtime friends; Shine was even an executive producer on Sean’s program years ago.

In his tweet, Hannity linked to an IJR story where a source emphatically denied that he’s leaving: “This is completely untrue.”

The rumors started because Hannity reportedly has a “key man clause” in his contract that allows him to break contract if a “key man” (such as Bill Shine) leaves the network.

Hannity’s contract expires in 2020, but it does not appear that he is planning to leave anytime soon. Several press reports, citing anonymous sources, claimed that Hannity could leave Fox News as soon as Friday, May 5.

At the end of his program Monday night, Hannity said the following:

“By the way, a special thank-you to all our ‘friends’ in the media that were tuning in tonight, maybe for the first time. All the lies you’ve heard about me are not true.”

Last week, Hannity said if Shine was ousted, that would be the “total end of FNC as we know it.” He has repeatedly said he is being targeted in a malicious campaign to destroy Fox News.