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Fox news Host Eric Bolling and Mark Cuban Get Into Heated Debate Over President Trump and…

Fox News host Eric Bolling battled it out with billionaire Mark Cuban over both President Trump and the May Day protests against the president.

While May 1 has recently become a day when demonstrators gather in solidarity for workers’ rights, this year’s events took on a familiar look as protesters turned the demonstrations into anti-Trump marches.

Bolling sparked the debate on Monday’s premiere of “The Fox News Specialists,” saying protesters at different rallies and demonstrations are unified in their hate of Trump.

“Trump is a unifier on that regard,” Bolling said.

“Diplomacy starts at home,” Cuban fired back, with a challenge. “If you want to end conflict, go talk to them. Don’t just say ‘I don’t want to acknowledge them,’ or ignore them.”

Bolling noted that Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and star of “Shark Tank,” was one of he many people who believed Trump would never win the election.

“He hasn’t changed his stance and they’re still protesting,” Bolling said, adding that the protests do less to influence the president’s decisions than the concerns of his own family members.

Cuban argued that Trump should still pay attention to what the protesters are saying.

“He works so hard to talk to people overseas. He works so little to talk to people who didn’t vote for him or didn’t vote,” he said.

Co-host Kat Timpf called it a “two-way street,” noting that Trump will have a hard time talking to protesters because of their message.

“The signs aren’t like ‘please talk to me,’ they’re like ‘Donald Trump is a hate crime,’” she said.