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FBI Translator Went to Syria to Investigate ISIS Terrorist, But Ends Up Marrying Him Instead

Rogue FBI translator Daniela Greene ran off to Syria to marry the Islamic State terrorist she was meant to investigate.

Federal records say that Greene, who had a top secret security clearance, lied to the FBI about her reason for traveling to Syria. She also told her ISIS husband that he was under investigation, CNN reports.

The man’s name is Denis Cuspert. He started off as a German rapper, but eventually moved to Syria to join the Islamic State, adopting the name Abu Talha al-Almani.

Greene joined him in Syria, but quickly realized she made a mistake and fled back to the U.S. it isn’t clear how she traveled into Syria or how she escaped from deep inside the nation.

John Kirby, former State Department official under the Obama administration, told CNN that in order to enter ISIS territory in Syria, Greene likely would have needed the authorization of top ISIS leaders, as ordinary people risk “getting their heads cut off.”

She was arrested immediately after returning to the U.S., at which point she served two years in prison and was released the summer of 2016.

Now that she no longer works at the FBI, she has taken a job as a hostess at a hotel lounge.