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Boss Orders Teen Girl to Raise Bra and Shake It to See Stolen Items; What He Found….

A discount store’s management decided to do a rather intrusive search on their teenage female employees by having them lift and shake out their bras in front of customers, but they didn’t exactly find what they were expected.

17-year-old Naomi Scott quit her job after being subjected a search she felt was invasive and left her humiliated. The teenager worked at a discount store called Poundland for nearly a year before she was accused of theft by her boss. It turns out that the store performs a thorough search of all workers suspected of stealing.

“We’ve always had bag searches and pocket searches. But all of a sudden, last Thursday, they came up with the idea of a bra search,” Scott told the Daily Mail. “One of my supervisors, a female, came up to us when we were on the till and said ‘we need to do a bra search”.”

The strange idea forced the female workers to shake out their bras during the humiliating search right in front of customers.

“This was in front of staff and customers. She asked me and two or three other women who were working on the tills. Like me, they didn’t look too impressed. She just said: ‘Have you got anything inside your bra?’ I then had to pull my bra outward, give a bit of a shake and see if any coins came out the bottom,” she explains.

While Naomi complied to the search orders, she later admitted that she was mortified.

“We had to do it just behind the till in front of the customers. No one looked very happy about it. It happened completely out of the blue, no one had ever asked us to do anything like that before. I felt uncomfortable, it was an invasion of my privacy and it was embarrassing,” she continued.

Unsurprisingly, the whole thing led to Naomi quitting her job a few days later. When Naomi’s mother heard about the search, she said, “It was disgusting and am not happy with it.”

“It was a bit out of the blue but we all went along with it. It’s not in my contract — only bag and pocket searches are in the contract. There was no similar check for the men. It’s really put me off going to work — it’s my first proper job, but I just left and didn’t go back. I’m now looking for another job.”