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Ann Coulter Calls Trump ‘Emperor-God’ on ‘The View’ – Absolutely Amazing!

Ann Coulter had a great Monday debate with the women on The View.

The interview began with a discussion about Coulter’s situation with the University of California at Berkeley and, as hard as it may be to believe, even the hosts on The View backed Coulter in this regard.

“We believe in free speech here, anything is fine, whether we like it or not,” Joy Behar said.

Whoopi also called the officials at Berkeley out for their actions:

“The idea of not having free speech in a country whose foundation is the ability to speak freely is ridiculous so Berkeley, you made a mistake man,” Goldberg said. “Everybody is entitled to their opinion. That’s the law.”

When the conversation shifted to how President Trump is doing, Coulter’s case for not believing the polls was hard to deny. She, like many of Trumps die-hard supporters, still believe in Trump and identified the source of the consternation to be “Congressional Republicans.”

“I still consider Trump the Emperor-god,” Coulter said, to laughs from the panel and the audience, “however, I’m a little disappointed with the Congressional Republicans,” particularly that they have left wall funding off the just passed budget package, instead focusing on “all of the old Republican issues he did not run on.”

On whether or not Trump lies, Coulter said, “He doesn’t lie, he’s more of a … He lied one time and I’m not going to tell you when … No he doesn’t lie, he’s a BSer he’s an exaggerator … it’s puffery … it’s like when he says you know everyone has rated this golf course the greatest golf course in the entire world. Nobody believes it, but everyone feels nice. That’s what he does, but he doesn’t lie. Hillary lies.”

When asked if the border wall issue was “over,” Coulter denied it, even insisting that Mexico will pay for it one way or another, whether it is through remittances or “withholding foreign aid.”

You can watch the interview below: