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Utah Brings Back Firing Squad for Executions

Three murderers will face execution in Utah. All three have chosen firing squad as the method. Utah Governor Gary Herbert brought this method back as a legal means of execution in 2015 after a hiatus of 11 years. The dates for these executions have yet been set.

As a method of execution, firing squad is one of the older ones in the nation, with hanging being the other. As is the case with other means of carrying out the death penalty, such as lethal injection or electric chair, there is a protocol to follow. In the case of the firing squad, each person who participates in firing a weapon at the executions must complete three rehearsals, be a licensed law enforcement official and pass a firearms proficiency test.

The three condemned individuals who’ve selected firing squad in Utah are killers. they are Taberon Dave Honie, Troy Michael Kell, and Ralph Leroy Menzies. they are all guilty of murder, with Honie also guilty of raping the mother of his ex-girlfriend in front of her grandchildren. Justice can’t come soon enough for evil human beings such as these.

Capital punishment is exactly what it says; punishment. It is punishment for crimes so heinous that only death is an appropriate sentence. If an individual wants to avoid the death penalty then he should refrain from killing people. there is no sympathy for a person who takes the life of another. And for justice to be served, his will will be required of him.

When these men meet their end, the chapter will be closed. Their deaths will not bring back those they killed. but it will answer the need for justice to be served. may the families take some comfort in knowing they paid for their crimes and they will not be able to hurt anyone.