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Soldier Returns Home from 4th Deployment, But Finds Police Officers Waiting for Him at Airport…

One of the reasons we enjoy watching soldiers come home and soldier reunions is because many of us relate to the feeling of missing a loved one and waiting for them to return.

Now, add in the fact that our men and women risk their lives, day in and day out, without seeing their friends and family for weeks, months, and even years at a time. It’s easy to understand why these moments are precious.

But what happens when a soldier has no one to reunite with?

Victor Lezama, a veteran, wants to make sure no solider goes through that.

“I’ve deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan three times. I know what it’s like to come home to nothing sometimes,” he said. “I’ve seen some of my soldiers that didn’t have those families. To have that family bond, it’s a big thing to come home to family and friends.”

When 70 Oklahoma National Guard soldiers returned home from the Middle East, Victor decided to hold a special welcome for one of them.

Specialist Joseph Sambrano was coming home from his fourth deployment. When he landed, he did not expect what he saw: a full police escort, waiting just for him.

“At the end of the day, our soldiers, you know, they are fighting overseas for our liberties, and the least we can do is show him a good homecoming,” Lezama said.

With a huge smile on his face, and almost speechless, Sambrano arrived to sirens and an excited crowd.

“It’s actually pretty nice. First time in four deployments this has happened – just glad to be home after nine months,” he said.