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McDonald’s Sends Out Coupons in Arabic. Sweden Continues to Morph into ‘Muslim’ Country

Sweden is slowly becoming a Muslim nation. And politicians who can stop the cultural destruction won’t speak out in fear of not being politically correct.

In the countryside hamlet of Sodertalje, with a population of 83,6000 – where more than 26% of the population is refugees from the Middle East – the local McDonald’s is now mailing out coupons in Arabic.

A Swedish journalist tweeted a photo of the mailer over the weekend.

He asked how he is supposed to know when the coupons expire since hte mailer is writte nin Arabic.

“As a Swede, how am i supposed to know what the below coupons (i assume) mean?” he tweeted. “Expiry date, how much rebate ??? I DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS 😫😩😭

After heavy backlash, the McDonald’s Sweden Twitter account said the instructions were also written in Swedish on the other side of the coupon mailer.

While the flyer may be insignificant, it is one of the adjustments Sweden has made to accommodate its growing Muslim population. Sweden is bucking under the financial and social strain of unprecedented Muslim migration.

Sweden has taken in more Muslim refugees per capita than any other nation in Europe. In 2016, more than 100,000 refugees arrived in Sweden seeking asylum. That’s insane when you consider that Sweden’s entire population is less than 9.8 million.

In addition to a large financial burden, riots, gang rapes and assaults have now become commonplace across Muslim neighborhoods in Sweden.

These areas have become “no-go zones” where even the police are reluctant to venture.

Sweden – which once boasted an incredibly low crime rate, especially rape – became the “rape capital of the West” shortly after importing large numbers of migrants and refugees from Muslim nations in the Middle East and North Africa.