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Conservative Comedian Calls Bill Nye An “A**hole” to His Face!

Bill Nye, the Science Guy, is not a scientist in the conventional sense. Instead, he is a celebrity who acts as an authority on climate change. he has called for the jailing of people that disagree with man-made climate change, and he has called anyone that believes in religion an “idiot.”

Nye thinks he is impervious to the words of his dissidents. That is, until conservative comic Nick DiPaolo ripped into him in a few seconds on the Anthony Cumia show, a live broadcast that is more than worth the watch.

DiPaolo mentions that he flunked out of the University of Maine, and Nye says “we are all shocked.” Without a moment’s notice, DiPaolo responds, “I don’t like your sarcasm, a**hole. This ain’t the f**king Bill Maher show.”

Despite the clip being short, it’s a treat to see.