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Swedish Newspaper Makes Insane Ban to Stop Terror

A proposed ban on cars is not just terrifying, but it is insane.

An editorial in the popular Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladet, by Eva Franchell, also came out in defense of a proposed ban on cars.

Franchell views cars as being one of the greatest sources of evil facing society in the 21st century. Not ISIS, nuclear war, or perhaps taking measures to curb migration from extremist nations.

“Instead, it is cars — which she calls “effective murder machines” — that Franchell says “must simply be removed from city centres and places where people gather, if people are to be protected in future”.

And the insanity didn’t end there…

“Vehicles are “easy to steal, and so nothing has been able to stop their advance”, writes Ms. Franchell.

Noting how it is a popular destination for tourists, Franchell says the city centre must be a “safe environment” for visitors to enjoy. She described it as “remarkable” that it is possible to drive around the Swedish capital’s medieval old town.”

Although this sounds laughable to others in the world, the same idea of insanity has a stronghold on America. Who knows when someone from the left will chime in and say this is a good idea where we should follow suit.