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Sean Hannity Releases Series of Dire Tweets Regarding Conflict at Fox: ‘End of FNC as We Know It’

Another star may be on the chopping block at Fox News and one of its top stars hinted at a “high level” conspiracy inside of the media giant being at its center.

New York Magazine writer Gabriel Sherman’s article on Thursday indicated the network’s co-president Bill Shine is not getting the support wanted from the Murdoch sons and might be close to getting fired. According to Sherman, Shine is seen as being part of the Ailes era, and may be ousted to clean up the network’s reputation after several sexual harassment lawsuits were filed.

Shine is currently a defendant in a lawsuit against Ailes filed by former Fox host Andrea Tantaros.

The article clearly upset Fox News host Sean Hannity to the point where he had to claim there was an elaborate conspiracy afoot “high up inside” Fox News Channel to get an innocent man fired, and he knows who is behind it.

Hannity said he hoped the information in Sherman’s story was incorrect because it would lead to the downfall of Fox News.

Sherman asked Hannity to give the name of who he suspects is at the center of the conspiracy, but Hannity declined, choosing to offer support for Shine instead.

Hannity was at the center of a sexual harassment scandal this week, but the accuser quickly backtracked her claims.

Many Hannity fans were concerned about what they believe is the downfall of Fox News. Some even warned Hannity that it may be time to jump ship.