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The Left is Insane! TVA Nuclear Security Agents Disarmed; No Longer Allowed to Carry Guns

When you think of things that need to be carefully guarded, nuclear fuel would seem to naturally be something that requires the highest level of security.

That doesn’t seem to be the concern of the Tennessee Valley Authority though as it plans to disarm the security guards who protect nuclear power plants.

Channel 3 has learned Tennessee Valley Authority security officers will soon no longer be allowed to carry handguns.

It’s a change that one employee calls dangerous.

He believes he may be risking his job to talk about the change but wants the public to be aware.

It shouldn’t be a risk to his job, it should be rewarded since he is looking after himself, his fellow officers, his co-workers, and the American people.

Tackett understands something that it would appear his superiors either do not, or don’t see as a concern.

Paul Tackett says nuclear power plants are considered high value targets to terrorists and it’s the job of security officers to keep everyone safe.

“Radiological release, that’s what they’re after. Terrorists are after to kill as many as they can in the quickest way,” he said.

Tackett has worked as a Senior Nuclear Security Officer at TVA’s Watts Bar Nuclear Plant for seven years.

If these officers are trained properly, why would you even consider doing such a thing?

This is a dangerous move on the part of leadership. And not just for the security of the nuclear power plant and its fuel, but for the security of the guards as well.

“Anything is possible to happen at anytime. It was just a few years ago when we had an officer shot at out here,” he added.

He remembers when someone shot at a TVA officer four years ago. That officer wasn’t hurt, but Tackett fears a change in policy could put officers and the public at risk.

“They’re talking about taking away our handguns. I mean, if we’re utilities at night, we have no way of protecting ourselves,” he said.

The TVA offered a response to questions as to the reason for this change.

Because other protective measures are in place to ensure the security of nuclear sites, the nuclear industry is in the process of eliminating handguns that are not required for the protective strategy of nuclear power plants. These changes have been successfully implemented by other utilities. We will only take actions that improve our ability to protect our nuclear plants after following the regulatory review process.

Security protocols prevent us from providing any additional details on our plant’s protective strategy.” – Scott Fiedler, TVA Spokesman.